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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 08:24

Care Coordinator - Care Services - Nottingham, Northampton, Trafford

Care Co-ordinator - Care Services

The aim of the position is to maintain continuity of care and support to all service users and to ensure efficiency and reliability of all visits to service users by suitably trained and experienced care workers.

Involvement and Information

  • Ø  To be aware of the Company, including the structure of the organisation.

  • Ø  To know how, and where to access Company policies and procedures and relevant documentation.

  • Ø  To process any new business referrals, making visit appointments for the Registered Manager/Field Care Supervisor and sending out relevant information to privately funded service user enquiries.

  • Ø  To positively promote the service user’s right to choice and independence whilst ensuring that they are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and dignity at all times.

  • Ø  To be aware of local and national services and sources of support so that information can be provided to service users upon request.

  • Ø  To ensure that care workers receive their weekly rotas and service users their visit schedule in a timely manner, prior to following weeks start date.


Personalised Care, Treatment and Support

  • Ø  To communicate effectively with service users, carers and other professionals.

  • Ø  To ensure that service user, personnel and electronic files are kept up to date. This includes, but is not limited to; inputting all new care and support plan documentation and maintaining accurate records of communication and visit.

  • Ø  To alert the Registered Manager to any changes to agreed service user care and support plans, as informed by the commissioner, service user or care workers.

  • Ø  To ensure that all holiday/sickness and emergency calls are documented and reassigned within a timely manner and that all parties are kept informed and regularly updated.

  • Ø  To undertake any care worker duties as required by the Registered Manager.

  • Ø  To inform care workers and service users of any planned or unplanned changes to their visits in a timely mannerat all times.

  • Ø  Carry out duties in line with safe working practices, ensuring adherence to Health and safety standards e.g. safe manual handling practices at all times.


Safeguarding and Safety

  • Ø  To understand the arrangements for ensuring that service users are safeguarded against the risk of abuse

  • Ø  To ensure that care workers are not assigned any work until all statutory recruitment checks have been completed, all training and shadowing requirements have been met, and the staff file signed off by the Registered Manager

  • Ø To be part of the “on-call” rota to ensure that emergency support is provided as and when required – emergency support is provided on a 24 hour basis.


Suitability of Staffing

  • Ø  To match appropriately skilled and experienced care workers to meet the needs of service users, taking into account personal preferences and ensuring continuity of care worker(s)

  • Ø  To ensure that care worker personnel and electronic files are kept up to date and to keep the Registered Manager informed of all upcoming document and training expiry dates for care workers.

  • Ø  To liaise with and provide support to Field Care Supervisors.

  • Ø  To attend supervision, annual appraisals and team meetings with the Registered Manager and use this to inform your Personal Development Plan.

  • Ø  To perform any other lesser or comparable duties commensurate with the nature and level of the post as and when required.


Quality and Management

  • Ø  To undertake regular telephone surveys for all service users, informing the Registered Manager of any feedback and of the actions you have taken to rectify any concerns or issues raised.

  • Ø  To prepare reports as required by the Registered Manager.

  • Ø  To ensure the Company’s Complaints Policy and Procedures are followed when dealing with any concerns or complaints raised by service users or their carers.

  • Ø  To keep legible, accurate and detailed records in line with company policy and regulatory requirements.

  • Ø  To understand and comply with both Company and legislative requirements regarding confidentiality and data protection.

  • Ø  To attend staff meetings, as required, for the dissemination of information about the service, peer support and exchange of ideas.


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